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How Do You Like Your Ladies | COLECTIVA

How Do You Like Your Ladies | COLECTIVA

How Do You Like Your Ladies? is an anthemic-party-starter embodying female rage. Channeling their frustration at patriarchy and gender-based violence, Colectiva deliver a 3-minute instrumental, rich in Afro-Latin rhythm, fiery horn motifs, salsa influences, and jazz-inflected breaks. The song emerged through musical improvisation, following a conversation between the collective about the objectification of women, sexual violence, and the outdated trope of femininity as being a subdued, submissive character. Working with a female-led visuals team, Colectiva created a music video with the aim of dissecting and challenging perceptions of ‘femininity’. Shot on location on a Kentish beach, the video makes reference to traditional tropes and societal expectations placed on women of elegance, grace and passivity, rooted in patriarchal history, and still present today, and gradually subverts them. Colectiva is: Viva Msimang - Trombone Alley Lloyd - Bass Lya Reis Guerrero - Drums Lilli Avehnainem - Percussion Allexa Nava - Sax Luisa Santiago - Keys Sarah Wackett - Flute Poppy Daniels - Trumpet Director - Balbina Bochuzynska Producer - Reuben Samra Production Designer - Matilda Vidal 1st AD - Alessia Galatini Camera Assistant - Anna Francesca Jennings Colourist - Lois Chapman Production Assistant - Camilo Gamboa Merlo Recording Engineer: Giles Barrett at Soap Studios and Big Jelly Studios Mixing Engineer: Erik Aldrey Master Engineer: Oli Morgan at Abbey Road Studios
Alley at Southbank Centre
COLECTIVA and Maria Grapsa present: Under The

COLECTIVA and Maria Grapsa present: Under The

The debut single from COLECTIVA 'Under The', out now on Movimientos. Tormented melodies, jagged horn hits, and a rhythm section bristling with energy open the song, evoking sounds of struggle. Harmonies stack, as the musicians reach a triumphant yet vulnerable precipice. The arrival of a montuno transports them towards a utopia, and launching into a timba-inflected breakdown, COLECTIVA take us home, above the trees, within the earth, where we are one, the big cats chasing snakes while deer run free. Their first single, Under The came to life when jazz pianist Maria Grapsa brought an early arrangement of the tune to the collective. Working together over a series of collaborative sessions typical of their creative process, they crafted the song you hear today. All streaming links here: Support COLECTIVA and buy Under The, here: COLECTIVA is: Trombone: Viva Msimang Trumpet: Deanna Wilhelm Trumpet: Poppy Daniels Flute: Sarah Wackett Violin: Nadine Nagen Keys: Luisa Santiago Bass: Alley Lloyd Percussion: Lilli Elina Drums: Lya Reis Guerrero Label: Movimientos London Recording + Mixing: Giles Barrett at Soup Studios Mastering: Juan Carlos Arévalo Live Action Director: Natalja Safronova Animation Director: Balbina Bochuzynska Art Direction / Set Design: Juliana Caviedes Art Department Assistant: Christine Cave
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